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Clifton Powell studied at THE JAMAICA SCHOOL OF ART, Kingston Jamaica, before moving to the UK at the end of the 1980s.

In London he worked with TEMPOLE ART, one of the leading framers and suppliers of Black Art in the UK. With them, he took part in numerous exhibitions including THE INTERNATIONAL BLACK ART FAIR.

​He has exhibited along side established black artists from all over the world such as PAUL GOODNIGHT. He also exhibited jointly with him in THE INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION at ST MARTIN'S SCHOOL OF ART.

Clifton is known for his unique style which he developed when he painted in Jamaica.  He combines fluid draughtsmanship with realism and a dynamic use of colour. His work explores a wide variety of subject matter, influenced by the places he's travelled and the people he has met.

Clifton has exhibited a large collection of paintings and prints in the Cotswold town of Stroud and in the city of Bath.He has also exhibited at the House of Emperor Haile Selassie. Clifton has also visited the Middle East and worked.

 on an exciting new series of drawings and paintings inspired by the region. Clifton is now painting a selection of landscapes.

Clifton has recently had exhibitions at THE BLUESTONE GALLERY and WINESTREET GALLERY in Devizes.

His new project is UNREST!!!

Clifton is also a art mentor for ARTS TOGETHER, which is a charity funded group for the elderly.   

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